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What Makes Project Time Machines Better Than Other Productivity Apps?

You already deal with enough stress as it is. And you have goals you haven’t even gotten around to yet…

Add in the responsibilities and pressures of your daily life, and you’ve got a recipe for long-term stress and procrastination.

The great news?

You can ‘un-learn’ what’s not working for you. And you can streamline your productivity in a way that dissolves stress, keeps you energized, and frees up more of your time.

And you can start doing that for yourself today.

Project Time Machines will teach you more about your work habits than you’ve probably known your entire life. It leverages real-time feedback that tracks your biggest distractions, logs peak performance data, and gives you the reports you need to ‘automate’ your daily productivity, focus, and achievements.

Plan Your Day In Minutes With The First ‘Plug N Play’ Productivity App Of Its’ Kind

Integrated Time And Task Management

Real-time, personalized reporting helps you avoid productivity pitfalls, manage daily tasks more effectively, and stay organized so you can get more done everyday… in way less time.

Automate Your Daily Achievements

As Project Time Machines learns when your procrastination levels are high and your discipline is low, you’ll gain almost-instant insights for maximizing your work ethic for virtually any task ahead of you.

Ready-To-Use Within Seconds

Download Project Time Machines now and give it 30 seconds to set up. Track your first project or task of the day, and see for yourself how fast you can improve your productivity… while keeping things simple, with zero maintenance.

Powerful And Simplified

Ditch the confusion. Skip the high price tags. And forget those extra bells and whistles that we never end up using! Instead, get faster results with the critical data and feedback you’ll need to automate your daily efforts, crush your to-do lists, and fall in love with your ‘done lists.’

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*no credit card or payment info needed
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What Users Are Saying

“This app is amazing! I’m a freelance writer, and I needed something like this. It’s free to use, easy, it doesn’t consume many resources, and it let’s you track all the time spent working. My productivity increased from the first day.”

“The perfect productivity tool for me.”

“This app is actually genius. It’s exactly what I needed. Got me on top of my goals within minutes of downloading!”

“Very well made, and I just love the look. Sometimes the aesthetic alone can make an app.”

“Great app, really helpful, especially when I’m about to lose my motivation.”

“I’m really liking this app. it gives me a nice, clear and powerful interface to track my projects with clear goals!”

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Kayla Hjelmstad
Gregory Smith
Michael Offord
Haris Matlub
Rafa Pardiñas

Stop Putting Your Dreams On The Back Burner

Some people say ‘apps don’t make you productive.’ We get it.

Because in a way, it’s true…

  • When a productivity app is overloaded with extra bells and whistles you’ll never need, you get overwhelmed.
  • When a productivity app is bent on up-selling you to a $1,000 membership to ‘get full access,’ you get uncomfortable. (and even grossed out a bit)
  • When a productivity app claims to be ‘customizable and loaded with extra features,’ you get even more confused… and annoyed.

We feel your pain… that’s why Project Time Machines was created in the first place:

  • Our top goal is creating powerful and measurable results for you within the first day… with a user-friendly interface, and zero long term maintenance.
  • Longtime users say Project Time Machines keeps them feeling encouraged, motivated, highly productive, and more.
  • Personalized reporting keeps you laser-focused as often as you want, keeping you calm and level-headed on even your toughest projects… while keeping your procrastination at bay.
  • Within just a couple of days from now, you’ll be tackling key projects in record time. Knocking out those ‘mundane’ tasks while getting rid of the stress, headache, and overwhelm you don’t need.
  • Project Time Machines helps you ‘chunk down’ any large project, while keeping your end goals in mind… so you can stay calm and confident while working towards your biggest dreams.
  • Get Set Up In Seconds

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Eliminate Your Worst Distractions

  • Avoid Repeating The Same Mistakes

  • Simplicity & Productivity at its Finest

  • Get More Done Faster, and Free Up Your Time

  • Create More Positive Habits In Days, Instead of Years

  • Ditch The Procrastination Habit

  • No Convoluted User-Guides

So What Will You Do With All The Extra ‘Free Time’ You’re About To Gain?

Reclaim the time and energy you’ve lost on unproductive habits. Instead, get more done faster, gain more free time, and bathe in the daily sense of self-fulfillment that you deserve.

*no credit card or payment info needed
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